Provoker - Double Action - OTF

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This heavy duty beast of an automatic knife rockets into action via an exciting out-the-front mechanism that automatically ejects the blade. Single edge with a piercing drop point tip, the 3.37 inch stainless steel blade comes razor sharp. Coming in a powder-coated black finish with silver edge, the blade is accentuated with a 2 inch fuller. Featuring an industrial strength construction, the knife has a strong and solid textured metal handle that can withstand wear and tear from heavy use with six hex screws and finger grips on the spine. It also sports a black pocket clip for easy access when not in use. The end of the handle also features the glass breaker for split-second emergency escapes or self-defense when the need arises. Included is a nylon sheath with belt loop and quick release Overall Length: 8.62 Inches Blade Length: 3. 37 Inches Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Powder coated black finish with silver lining Blade Style: Drop point, Single-edge Handle Length: 5.25 Inches Handle Material: Zinc Aluminum, Heavy duty construction Includes: Pocket Clip, 2 Inch fuller, Glass breaker.